BUZZFEED - 33 Beauty Products So Good, You Won't Be Able To Stop Talking About Them

"Marine + Vine Tahitian Body Oil offers a light spritz of nourishment that hydrates dry skin without feeling greasy. And the smell? Heavenly. (Seriously, the subtle tropical notes of macadamia and passion fruit replace the need for any other form of fragrance).

This has been my new summer obsession since I started having outside plans again. Since this product is technically an oil, it might sound like it will leave you with a heavy, greasy layer. But good news! This stuff that was generously gifted to me goes on like a light mist. It's rich in antioxidants and vitamins that absorbs into the skin *fast*, smells di-vine, and leaves my shoulders and arms with a nice beachy glow. It's honestly a one-and-done when I want to leave my house smelling and looking like I just got back from a five-star vacay. And! A little goes a long way, no need to spray it all over bod like you would a regular perfume."


Buzzfeed - Marine + Vine Tahitian Body Oil - Evelyn Ginossi