Let's Talk Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the biggest buzzwords in beauty at the moment.  But for us, sustainability carries real significance and is a goal that we continuously strive towards. 

As an ecoluxe body care company inspired by some of the best beaches in the world, sustainability and ethical practices have been a priority for us since Marine + Vine was founded in 2019.    

Our ultimate goal:  100% sustainability of all our products, starting with our ingredients.   

Tracing each of our ingredients from their source to you is a serious challenge, but it's the only way a product can truly be called sustainable.  To create true sustainability in body care, we need to be able to trace the origin and impact of our ingredients all the way down your bathroom sink and into the ocean.   

As a true indie beauty company, we know we can't change entire supply chains overnight or on our own, but by collaborating with our industry partners, we believe we can move towards meaningful innovative long-term changes.   Sustainability is not an absolute, but a standard which we are continuously working towards to achieve.  

With recent supply chain challenges at all levels, sustainability has become an even greater challenge both for us and for the suppliers that we work with and trust.  Our commitment is to equally account for the planet and our community and while we are holding ourselves to a higher standard, we also recognize the unprecedented challenges many suppliers are facing due to the recent pandemic.  This is why we work with suppliers who are maximizing positive impacts for their communities while complying with as high environmental standards as possible to minimize impacts.  Finding a way to stick with this even during tough times is what sets us apart from the rest.  

From traceability of ingredients and packaging to community empowerment, we are committed to continuing our sustainability journey.  This is a long- term mission which will evolve as technology and challenges continues to evolve, and we'll continue to work closely with our partners and you to make it a reality. 

As an ecoluxe body care company, we think about our entire business within the framework of sustainability.   When we design the products that you love, we do it by balancing many different variables, taking into account sacrifices we need to make for the benefit of your skin and the planet.  

When working along our entire production ecosystem, from sourcing and manufacturing to product packaging, we examine environmental impacts as well as our opportunities to build stronger connections with the people and companies who share our long-term objectives.   For us, sustainability is an ongoing journey, and we will continue to grow and improve as technologies and solutions continue to grow and improve as well.  

Check back soon for further updates on our sustainability journey and follow along on Instagram @marineandvine