Better Body Care

Your skin doesn't stop at your neck. But for most skin care lovers, the face is the always the main event of our nightly skincare routines.  Every night we treat our faces with multi-step treatments, using toners, peels, layering serums, masks and eye cream (sound familiar?)

The skin on our bodies, on the other hand, rarely (if ever) get so much attention, only seeing a bit of lotion whenever your legs see the light of day.  

Our bodies (as we sometimes unexpectedly discover), age the same as our faces, thus deserving the same level of care. Living in your best skin means nurturing yourself inside and out, from head to toe. Elevate your body care experience into a ritual that is an exercise in both indulgence and preservation. 


Our bodies need nourishment and moisture just like our faces to stay free from damage caused by environmental elements as well as the natural aging process. However, your body contains fewer sebum glands than your face, which means that natural hydration happens less frequently on your body than on your face.  This is why it is essential to set the intention to moisturize on a regular basis, to ensure the skin stays supple and soft.  

Opt for our Tahitian Oil to visibly improve texture and tone, followed by the fast-absorbing, softening Tahitian Balm made with olive-derived squalane, shea butter and cocoa butter to rapidly deliver nourishment to all your driest spots.   


Wellness is not skin deep. It's a practice to encourage self-healing, self-reflection and self-regeneration.  It's taking time out to ourselves to recalibrate and refocus on ourselves.   Tend to yourself on a deeper level by localizing massages to areas such as the hands or feet when using our Nomad Rose, a botanical blend that helps with soreness and circulation when combined with massage-based movements.  Wrap the dry, fragile skin in cloud-like moisture with Nomad Rose Hand Cream during a hand, foot or leg massage permits time for penetration of the densely packed nutrients into the skin.  

Feel confident in your skin. Give your skin paradise.