Relax + Glow: Calming Beauty Rituals

Beauty rituals are as good for your soul as they are for your looks.  Relaxation rituals don't need to be an elaborate, all-day project to be effective.  As the world opens back up at full speed, quick routines are essential, but they don't need to be meaningless.  Marine + Vine was designed to take our routines and elevate them into special, rewarding experiences.  

Self-care and wellness can be an effective tool in counterbalancing angst brought about by ever-changing circumstances in our World (both on the macro and micro).  Science also shows us that slowing down and relaxing helps to lessen inflammation, having an overall positive effect on our skin and health. 


Spending time outdoors is a key way to look and feel relaxed.  Enjoying your local green or blue spaces reconnects us to nature while boosting emotions naturally through endorphins (mood-enhancing hormones).  Incorporate stretches along your silent walk to indulge and engage with the sounds of nature, as well as outdoor yoga.  A structured class or spa isn't required - just taking a moment to close your eyes and taking a few deep breaths can be all you need to open yourself up to new and beautiful aspects of your surroundings.  Even if you go to the same spot every day! 


After a walk outside or a long day back in the office, treat your feet to a relaxing foot soak and massage.  The pressure points in our feet have long been known to be the key to relaxing other parts of our body, so a foot massage is one of the most efficient forms of relaxation.  

Fill any basin or your tub with warm water and place 1 cup of magnesium salts plus 2 to 3 drops of your favorite essential oil in the water. Soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes and sit back and relax without your phone (unless you're listening to your favorite tunes).  This is also a great time to enjoy your favorite candle and to dim the lights, to give your senses a little break as well.  Towel dry your feet and grab your favorite Marine + Vine product, such as our Nomad Rose Hand Cream, which is great for feet as well.  To massage, use a 1 inch squeeze of product between your hands and rub them together to warm the cream up.  Place hands on both sides of your foot, and rub in the cream, being sure to massage in between your toes.   

Caring for your skin can be a simple yet effective means of creating a small sense of peace and calmness at both the start and finish of a busy day.  The act of slowing down through enacting beauty rituals helps us tolerate hectic moments better in our lives, so enjoy making the most of your "me time"!