Summers in the South of France. It's what dreams are made of.

Evelyn GinossiAnd it's where our adventure begins. Marine + Vine was founded by a Los Angeles native who moved to London nearly a decade ago in search of something new in her life.  After becoming homesick for her hometown beaches of Southern California, a chance vacation to the South of France led to the discovery of a new place that felt very much like home and a world of new ingredients, textures, and fragrances that would inspire the creation of Marine + Vine.

Created in France + Made in Los Angeles

Marine + Vine blends the Southern California beach lifestyle with the beauty, tradition and romance of the South of France to create body care products using fine ingredients with a sensorial experience, inspiring a deeper feeling of wellness and self care in daily body care routines. 

We work out, juice, and mask regularly, but when was the last time you enjoyed moisturizing after a shower? When was the last time you looked forward to bringing body care with you on vacation? Marine + Vine changes that.   

Luxe By Nature

But our mission doesn't end there.  While in Europe our Founder developed a new awareness of the impact that many ingredients that we consume or put on our skin may have with various systems of the body. A personal change in health conditions put a new emphasis on what may have contributed to new internal factors that she was managing.    

She understood that the absence of evidence that a chemical was harmful did not automatically mean that it was "safe".  She wanted to strive for body care based on a higher set of standards, which would continue to evolve as new evidence, technologies, resources and methodologies improved and evolved.  She used EU cosmetic standards as a starting place, from which she would continue to improve to strive for cleaner, more sustainable body care.  

It became a very personal mission for her to create products that were clean and effective, but which still had indulgent feel.  Ecoluxe body care was born.  

Inspired by Our Travels to Inspire Yours

Made in Los Angeles, Marine + Vine sources high-quality clean ingredients, fragrance developed in the South of France, and European packaging and design to ensure that the Marine + Vine aesthetic remains true to the brand’s origins.

Our body care products are indulgences designed to reflect the soul of some of the most beautiful places on earth. We create body care from our daydreams to inspire you to create new dreams. 

Ecoluxe Body Care

Is Luxe by Nature.

Our focus is on creating beautiful, naturally hydrating and nourishing body care, made with a blend of nutrient-dense ingredients, high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, without toxic chemicals. Ecoluxe Defined.  

Give Your Body its Own Skincare Routine.
Give Your Skin Paradise.