Some products are considered a “sensory experience” simply because they bring a smile to our faces. It might be the packaging, the marketing we’ve seen, or a few words that we have learned to associate with the brand.

On a deeper level, a sensory experience comes from those products that make us feel a sense of escape or bliss while bringing out the best in our skin, whether it be because of the texture, fragrance or ingredient within a product.

At Marine + Vine, we wanted to develop products that are a sensory experience in every aspect of design; body care products that take us away from our daily routine while we actually perform that daily routine. When you use our products, we want you to feel like you’re suddenly your vacation version of yourself, your best: golden and carefree.

At every level from our luxe tropical palm frond packaging, our premium French glass perfume bottles, our fragrance crafted in France, and each ingredient in Tahitian Oil were consciously coupled to provide a heightened experience of the senses.

Tahitian Oil provides more than a superficial benefit: the private, ritual time that you use to massage in Tahitian Oil after you shower allows you to take a moment for yourself, indulging in something that is not only great for your skin, but also smells like your most favorite summer.

The potent and nourishing blend of monoi, kukui, macadamia and passion fruit oils provide benefits beyond being an exceptional source of vitamin E and omega fatty acids. Our oils promote a sense of wellbeing and bring you within inches of your last summer vacation. A momentary burst of bliss can alter not just your day but possibly your whole life.

Our goal is to become your go-to luxe body care brand to indulge the senses while bringing out the best in your skin.