When travelling, there are often way too many things to take care of before you're even up in the air.  From answering important emails and triple-checking auto-payments are set, to finer considerations like setting up dining reservations and what you'll be wearing each night. 

Priorities, right? 

But while most women ensure that they pack their most favorite essentials to maintain their face skincare routine, many forget to pack body care to ensure that their post-sun skin is at its best at all times during their travels.  

Have you ever run out of the mini body lotion you packed only to use whatever hotel housekeeping has available - which never seems to absorb into your skin fast enough?  

Or how about when you do pack a new body oil, only to find that it REALLY doesn't absorb well under more humid conditions, leaving your favorite silk maxi dress at risk of disaster?  

Women are busy these days - often juggling the pressures of work, family, and the nagging feeling of *knowing* you need some self-care time, but it's just a matter of when, which is why Tahitian Oil was created.  Out of necessity.  

What if there was a body oil formulated to be applied quickly and evenly, absorbed easily, good for your skin and smelled amazing? 

Tahitian Oil plumps and brightens your skin while locking in hydration in a light, easily absorbed formulation. 

The blend of monoi with kukui, macadamia and passion fruit oils ensures that potent vitamin E and essential fatty acids are delivered to the skin to nourish and condition skin facing the elements. 

No messy tubes, sprays on in a light, fine mist. Made for women on the go.