Evelyn Ginossi | Marine and Vine | Tahitian Oil | Vogue Magazine


Marine + Vine  remains a passion project for me.  When I started developing Marine + Vine in 2017, I was living a very different life than I am today.  

For a decade in pre-pandemic life, I spent my summers in the South of France in the countryside between Aix and Avignon, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards.  The summer climate was hot and very dry and my bodycare routine revolved around my life outdoors.  At some point I noticed that the scents, textures and ingredients I used daily became an active part of my memory recall.  The products I used were every part of where I had been as much as what I had ate, drank and listened to. 

I then had a desire to truly, actually create a memory into my own bodycare concept, based on my most favorite discovered elements of skincare.  In the tradition of European bodycare it needed to be clean, finely-crafted, with an attention to detail that I can most accurately describe as Ecoluxe Bodycare.  We have an extensive free-from list that you can see here, and you can also read more on important efforts of sustainability and the pursuit of clean beauty.   

My memories take the shape of scents, colors, textures and ingredients of the places I've been. Each of my products have a story to tell - an expression to be experienced by you.

My first memory, Tahitian Oil, features a beautiful ingredient: monoi oil from Tahiti, elevated with a blend of highly nourishing tropical oils (kukui, passion fruit and macadamia oils) with a light tropical floral fragrance formulated in the South of France. Tahitian Oil that embodied late afternoon hours of long, warm summer days, those free hours of existence before making your way out for an evening on the town.       

I create products slow and in a natural flow - unrushed - in an industry where more is always seen as better.  I still feel like that girl that grew up in a small beach town on the edge of Los Angeles, so I naturally draw in those peaceful outdoor elements into our products.  

Marine + Vine body care is about finding that intersection in life where you're getting the most from where you're at while moving towards where you wish to be.  We create body care that encourages you to live in a natural state of flow - moving with purpose and intent towards a better you while being immersed in and enjoying the purest things life has to offer.   

 - Evelyn