GIFTS AND DECORATION: This Week’s Picks - American-Made Gifts We Love

I’m usually terrible at staying hydrated and keeping my skin moisturized, but lately I’ve been trying to treat my body better. Now that the warmer months are here and I’ve been playing outside more, I’ve noticed just how dry my shins and elbows can get. I’ve always wanted soft, tan, glistening skin for the summer, which is why I wanted to try out this Marine + Vine Tahitian Oil. The oil smells amazing—like a faint tropical flower—which takes me away to a beachy paradise. It also makes my skin feel absolutely amazing.

Made in Los Angeles, the oil is blended with Tahitian Monoi, kukui, macadamia and passion fruit oils, which makes for a nourishing and hydrating treatment. I love rubbing it on just after a shower. My legs and arms feel much more supple after using it for just a couple of months, plus it gives my skin a touch of glistening glow. I feel ready for summer already.

GIFTS AND DECORATION:  This Week’s Picks: American-Made Gifts We Love