LUISA VIA ROMA: Perfect Nighttime Skincare with Yuyu Zhangzou

LuisaViaRoma teamed up with Yuyu Zhangzou in Seoul to chat about her nighttime skincare routine and her top 5 skincare secrets. Yuyu is one of the hottest fashion bloggers in the world, according to The South China Morning Post. She was also named the most popular fashion blogger of 2018 by InStyle China and is an international influencer...

Step 5: You should keep your skin protected. I use the Body Oil from Marine + Vine.
The final step in my night routine is body oil. I’m very fussy when it comes to my skin. I want to keep it looking its best, so I need to keep it hydrated. After taking a shower, I try to put on Marine + Vine’s Body Oil as soon as I can to avoid any damage from dryness and keep the body’s natural moisture. This oil is very easy to apply, just 30 seconds and you’re done! So it’s also good for people who think it’s a hassle to put on a body oil or moisturizer after the shower. I also really love the packaging, it’s so eye-catching!


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