A delicate balance of oil + water is essential for soft, dewy and healthy skin. We're going to look at an essential pairing for incredible skin, and clarify a few popular points of using oil + water on your skin.

Water hydrates the skin but doesn't moisturize. Oils moisturizes the skin but doesn't hydrate.  Here's why they are both essential for great skin: 


Oils are important to the skin because they creates a protective layer to nourish the top layers of skin.  Essentially, they lock in moisture to prevent water loss.  When you have dry skin, it is often as a result of a deficiency in oils, and needs to be moisturized.

Oils also helps deliver oil soluble nutrients (like alpha lipoid acid and CoQ10) into the skin, that can't otherwise be delivered with water.  

One of the most popular myths is that using oils will cause you to break out.  However, oil does not always equal breakout.  Often, over-drying and stripping the skin of oils can lead to an overproduction of oils, which can cause breakouts. 


Dehydrated skin is due to a lack of water and needs to be hydrated.  Your skin stays hydrated with water that you drink and apply topically.  Both of these methods of hydration are necessary. 

Water helps oils to penetrate more deeply, which is why you should always use oils on damp skin when you want to moisturize. 

Certain essential nutrients like Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid need water to be delivered effectively into the skin. 


Using oils on damp skin locks in hydration while delivering nutrient-dense moisture. 

When used on damp skin, Tahitian Oil creates a protective layer to nourish skin with essential omega fatty acids, the building block of healthy skin. 

For the perfect balance of oil and water.