When we formulated Tahitian Oil, we wanted to create a highly potent blend of tropical oils that worked together to create an exponentially beneficial body care treatment. 

In addition to monoi, kukui and passion fruit oils, Tahitian Oil features macadamia oil in our formulation for its exceptional skin benefits. 


In addition to it being the closest match to naturally occurring sebum in the skin, macadamia oil is great for:

  • softening skin;
  • regenerating skin cells;
  • moisturizing skin; and
  • is a natural anti-inflammatory.  


  • OLEIC ACID:  (Omega 9) Oleic acid is a fatty acid functions to assist with to assist with cell regeneration and moisturizing the skin. 
  • LINOLEIC ACID:  (Omega 6) Linoleic acid serves to balance sebum production in oily skin and is great for a skin that has difficulty retaining moisture.
  • PALMITOLEIC ACID: (Omega 7) Palmitoleic Acid is beneficial for healing wounds, scratches + burns.  We included macadamia specifically because it contains one of the highest sources of palmitoleic acids, ranging between 16 to 23%.  Palmitoleic Acid is also ital for delaying premature aging by decreasing the rate of skin deterioration.
  • PHYTOSTEROLS:  Plant phytosterols are the building blocks of our cellular membrane and will assist with repairing the skin's barrier function, as well as sooth itchiness and redness.  Phytosterols are also one of the reasons why macadamia oil has remarkable skin absorption abilities.
  • SQUALENE:  Squalene is a naturally occurring antioxidant in the skin that prevents oxidative damage cased by free radicals. 

Macadamia oil is one of a targeted group of high grade essential oils we included in our formulation to further amplify the performance of Tahitian Oil and provide skin-beautifying nutrition to your skin.