Marine + Vine Tahitian Oil


Over 2000 years ago, ancient Polynesians settled on the paradise islands of Tahiti where they created an exotic and intoxicating oil by infusing fresh tiare flowers in coconut oil, calling it “Monoi”. Since then, Monoi has remained at the heart of Tahitian life, where it has had both ceremonial and medicinal significance. Recognizing the benefits of this ancient and sacred oil, French explorers brought Monoi to France in the late 1800’s, and over the last century it has become the quintessential French after-sun skin remedy.

Now, after bringing this tradition back to the beaches of Los Angeles from the South of France, Marine + Vine has blended powerful Monoi with macadamia, kukui and passion fruit oils, combined with a fragrance developed in the South of France to create our Radiant Monoi Body Oil, a potent and intensely hydrating, soothing and restorative modern twist of this timeless Tahitian classic.

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